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Consulting Services

Our team is highly skilled and experienced.  We are committed to supporting clients in Northern and Rural communities, where having an understanding of how the geographic and demographic realities of life need to be factored into business operations.  

We have unique qualifications which help us add value to clients in healthcare and  not-for-profit organizations.  


Health Care Consulting

Capital Planning

Thinking about a new build or major renovation project at your facility? Our team is experienced with the capital planning process.  We can help you reach your capital planning goals with master program development, functional program development, business case development and related project management services.

Proposal Development

Our team of experienced health leaders can help you make your idea a reality.  We have the knowledge of provincial systems and health data to help you develop an evidence-based, high-quality proposal to put your best foot forward. 

Program Evaluation

Critical, evidence-based evaluations are essential to the operation of any organization.  We have the knowledge and skills to lead your evaluation project or develop a detailed evaluation plan.  Our consultants have specific skills and expertise working with health data and we can provide your team with deep insights and analysis.

Management Consulting

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is challenging and requires specialized skills.  We have extensive experience developing strategic plans and leading strategic planning activities. We have detailed knowledge of health and community data and experience gathering and analyzing critical feedback from community members using digital tools and advertising.

Feasibility Studies

Our consultants have the knowledge and skills to put together detailed feasibility studies and business plans.  We specialize in Northern and Rural markets where there may be unique challenges due to geographic and demographic differences with urban communities.

Environmental Scans

We have detailed knowledge of many sources of data - especially those related to healthcare and demographics.  We can help you understand your sector and work with key stakeholders to understand your organization's place in the greater system or industry.

Our Work

At 807 Management Services, we have helped over 30 organizations since 2019 complete various projects.  Many become repeat customers and refer us to others for similar projects.  

While most of our work is confidential by nature, a few publicly available examples of our work are showcased below.


Greenstone Seniors Services Review

In 2020, we completed a comprehensive review of the services offered to older adults in the Municipality of Greenstone.  Click the button to find out more. 

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